We’re all about relationships; ones that start with meeting kids where they are at, caring for them, and sharing the Christian faith in simple and understandable terms… all with no strings attached.

What We Do

We go to kids, build bridges of authentic friendship, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Since Young Life of Canada began in 1954, staff and volunteers have been leaving their adult “comfort zone” to meet teens on “their turf”. You will find Young Life leaders wherever kids are found… cheering in the stands at a hockey game, encouraging them in school activities, or hanging out at the nearest coffee shop or skate park . Young Life communities strive to create meaningful, mentoring relationships between leaders and teens and to create spaces where teens are listened to, and where questions of life and faith can be discussed.


The story of Young Life in Dawson Creek, BC, began with John Van Spronsen and his son, Tom. Encouraged by Paul Gurgoyne and Jack Mortensen, the Van Spronsens began to meet with a few others to pray for God’s leading, and to make plans to bring Young Life to their community.

[Read the full story | History in the Making]


At Young life, we welcome, value and respect all teenagers, engaging them in the context of their lives. We have cared for young people in Canada for over 60 years and — with an increasing number of communities asking for our help — we are excited to reach more teens than ever before in the years to come. As we continue to grow, our motivation remains the same: to care for Canadian teenagers and earn the right to share God’s great love.


In all of our Young Life communities, we seek to engage teenagers through long-term relationships, allowing room for trust and mentorship. Because every teen is unique, we have developed a variety of programs — both one on one and in groups —  to further these relationships, as well as provide unique, life-giving adventures. Even just one positive influence in a teen’s life can change their outlook for the better, and affect their decisions for the future.

A brief introduction to Bryce Wisekal, our local Young Life Staff Associate.

My name is Bryce Wisekal. My family and I have proudly been part of this community for 15+ years, raising 4 children (Natali, Anna, Bryston, and Matthew) alongside my wife, Desiree.

I am humbled to announce that I am the new Young Life Staff Associate for the Dawson Creek community, and it is my hope to ignite, excite, and encourage our youth in building healthy and strong relationships with Jesus Christ.

My hope is we can partner together as a community, to build a stronger, brighter future for our local youth. I am excited about all the possibilities, especially with your support. We are stronger together, as a community than we’ll ever be as individuals and I hope you’ll be as excited as I am and join me in building better relationships with our community as a whole.

The History of Young Life in Dawson Creek, BC.

Young Life of Canada was incorporated on June 7th, 1954. In November of 1955 the first Young Life Club was held in New Westminster, BC, several YL USA staff came up to help volunteers begin the ministry. The ministry began to grow and expand across the country. In the fall of 2000, a generous donor gifted Young Life with the land to build a camp in Princeton, BC; the following Spring construction began on RockRidge Canyon, Young Life of Canada's camp property.

Young Life comes to Dawson Creek

The story of Young Life in Dawson Creek, BC, began with John Van Spronsen and his son, Tom. Encouraged by Paul Gurgoyne and Jack Mortensen, the Van Spronsens began to meet with a few others to pray for God’s leading, and to make plans to bring Young Life to their community. [Read History in the Making]

First Teens to experience Malibu Camp

In the beginning years of Young Life in Dawson Creek, we used Camp Malibu as our destination location for Young Life summer camp experiences. We now travel to our newest camp, Rockridge Canyon in Princeton BC., but our history wouldn’t be the same without this marvelous, blessing of a camp and we wanted to share it with you.

Taking it to the Roof for Camp

[March 2014] “John Webster, the area director for Young Life, camped out on the roof of St. James Presbyterian Church this week in an effort to raise funds needed for his members to travel to Rock Ridge Canyon in Princeton, B.C. this summer for camp.”

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Dawson Creek community votes Young Life the Best Youth Club in Town!

For 2 consecutive years in a row, Young Life Dawson Creek has received the “People’s Choice Award” for the “Best Youth Club” in our community and we couldn’t be more honored by this recognition. Thank you, Dawson Creek and the surrounding community for your continued support of our ministry work.

Celebrating 65 Years in Canada

A short video on Young Life Alumni, sharing their experiences and blessings through Young Life over the past 65 years. How inspiring it is to simply know, Young Life has come so far and affected so many lives over these many years. Happy Birthday Young Life of Canada.

Celebrating 30 Years in Dawson Creek, BC.

Throughout the years, we’ve made many friendships in Dawson Creek, BC. We are excited and inspired by the community’s continued support over the many years and look forward to serving our community for many more to come. Thank you for your love for our local youth. It is your valued efforts, support, and generosity that continues to encourage our growth alongside our faithfulness in God.

Another Year of Camp in the Books!

“It was awesome! Sooooo not what I was expecting! …and the food was GREAT!” Explained one teen when asked how camp was. “I cannot wait for next year!”

This was everyone’s first year at camp (including 2 of our leaders) and they all agreed it was the “best week of our lives” and already planning to sign-up for next summer.

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Middle school is a time when kids make important decisions about who they are and what they believe. And so WyldLife leaders seek to model and express God's love to our young friends by learning their names, hearing their stories and honoring their God-given desire for a life of fun, adventure and purpose.


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